With the rapid increase in mobile devices over the past few years and our demand for instant internet access, it is no wonder that many organisations are realising the benefits of mobility to their end of year profits.

This is because the internet, as well as mobile devices have forever changed the way we access information in our daily lives. We now demand instant access to data via websites and expect to download PDFs and other files on our mobile device, whenever we want and wherever we are in the world.

How can mobility help your organisation?

Regardless of your business, there will be times when sales people are on the road, consultants are in meetings, senior staff are out in the warehouse or executives are at a business luncheon. The one factor that all of these people have in common is that they all wish that they had brought that one document file with them.

The file that they had been up all night working on and have left on their desktop or the document with last month’s profits and losses or the datasheet with next years forecasted growth. Most of us have been in a similar situation where we have needed a vital piece of information or data on the fly and have either been unable to access it or have sent someone scurrying back to the office to locate the necessary file.

How often have you needed to send an order or invoice to the printer, so that a process can be fast tracked or needed to print a document whilst at a meeting, but you are away from your desk?

This is where mobility can be of so much benefit, by not only increasing productivity, but making your employees workload much easier and saving so much wasted time.

Mobility increases employee productivity

Imagine being able to access company files on your smartphone or tablet while you are in your car, at a business meeting, at lunch with prospective clients or even half way around the world. Without a doubt, being able to access pertinent information in the field is of enormous benefit to any organisation.

The icing on the cake however is the ability to send documents and data sheets or invoices and orders directly to a printer and to have that job ready and waiting when you return to the office.

As you can see, incorporating mobility into your business office processes, frees up employee’s time as they don’t need to return to their desktop PC to order printing jobs. It also streamlines and fast tracks orders and deliveries.

Another great benefit is that remote workers in decentralised offices can send jobs directly to the company’s printer or an employee can phone an administrative assistant to send a document to the printer closest to their current position, even if it is on the other side of the building.

RBC Group can implement the deployment of a customised mobility strategy for your organisation, purchasing and setting up printing equipment, as well as mobile devices for employees. We can even implement a strategy that allows employees to use their own personal mobile devices to access company printers.

So if you want more information on bringing mobility to your organisation, call us on 1300 857 164, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.