Document Security – Secure Document Printing

With information and data a key corporate asset, securing sensitive information is a genuine concern for many organisations. Access to certain documents and databases must be restricted to authorised personnel and its dissemination tracked and audited.

It is so easy for sensitive documents to be left on the printer or scanner and for these documents to land in the wrong hands or be distributed amongst employees, with no regard or understanding of the implications of their actions.

Document security is such a vital concern to organisations that RBC Group promotes an operational business strategy that focusses on two essential encryption options: pin code printing and swipe card printing.

Downloading and saving of sensitive documents can be effectively managed, but it is what happens to these documents when they are accessed by personnel that can be a problem.

Processes that benefit from secure document printing

There are certain key operational areas that benefit from secure document printing.

Business Process Optimisation

One of the essential areas of an effective document management strategy is secure document printing. With your files and other documents systematically organised in a hierarchical structure, it is a simple matter to include access rights to particular levels of the structure or even individual files.

This restricted access ensures that critical documents and information are only available to specified personnel. Restrictions can also be put in place to limit or prevent downloading and saving of these sensitive documents, as well as who can update and make changes to these documents.

Secure document printing using pin code printing or swipe card printing is essential to maintaining control over sensitive documents.

The effect of secure document printing can be seen in the following areas:

  • Accounts Payable: Information regarding client accounts and orders should be kept confidential. For ease of use, access to these files can be restricted to certain personnel with subsets of the data being available to specified people, such as sales people, warehouse staff for orders and consultants. Pin code printing adds a further level of security preventing certain pages being, downloaded or printed.
  • Contract Management:  Contracts of any type, whether for orders, service level agreements or recruitment and termination matters are confidential and require restricted access. An effective document management strategy that includes swipe card printing of these documents for eligible employees, gives you an additional level of security.
  • HR Automation: Employee records are confidential and pin code printing helps to prevent these sensitive documents from being left lying around on printers and ending up in the wrong hands. Along with restrictions on access to these documents and controlling who can download them or send them to the printer, files can also be encrypted to prevent documents being intercepted as they are sent to the printer.  
  • Mail Room Automation: Incoming information and data can be siloed directly into restricted files and access granted only to eligible personnel. In this way, downloading of sensitive information by unauthorised employees is prevented and along with swipe card printing helps track access and end-points of this information.

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Follow Me Print

In today’s high tech and competitive market place, there are two factors that will help put your organisation ahead of the game. The first is mobility and the second is confidential document printing.

Mobility can be achieved by giving your employees the ability to send printing jobs to networked printers, from any mobile device anywhere in your organisation or across the world. The problem with mobility is that anyone may access confidential and sensitive documents, once they are left lying on the printer.

Follow Me Print was designed to resolve both of these problems, by giving your employees the freedom to print whilst on the run and ensuring that documents sent to a remote printer are safe and secure.

At RBC Group we not only provide you with the printer restriction software, but we also integrate it within your existing systems, so that both of these goals are easily achieved.

Mobility combined with confidential document printing via software that implements printer restrictions, will not only increase your productivity, but will also cut costs.

How does confidential document printing work?

With a mobile optimised network, your employees can send documents to any networked computer from their desktop PC, laptop, smartphone, iPad or any other mobile device. They can do this from anywhere in your organisation, if they work remotely from home or if they are away in the field.

All they need is an internet connection and they can print documents directly to a networked printer or multifunction device. This is called mobility and is at the forefront of growing businesses, giving their employees the ability to send documents, orders or invoices to a printer when they are on a sales run, at a business lunch or at an overseas conference.

Confidential document printing ensures that the documents sent to the networked printers are secure until they are released by the sender or by their nominated representative. With secure printer restrictions, print jobs are processed when sent, but are held securely on the Follow Me Print Server until the sender is ready to print.

The sender or their representative must authenticate the printing job at any networked printer to release the print job. This means that confidential documents are not left lying around on printers and possibly ending up in the wrong hands.

With Follow Me Print, you can also incorporate printer restrictions that allow only certain employees to print in colour or to use specific printers.

What are the benefits of confidential document printing and printer restrictions?

There are numerous benefits from using Follow Me Print in your organisation:

  • Increased document security and compliance.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Works with any printers or multifunction devices.
  • Printer access is restricted with pin code or swipe cards.
  • Wastage of photocopy paper and consumables are reduced.
  • Print jobs can be sent from any desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Any networked printing device can be used.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Reduced carbon footprint.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Streamlined print management.

RBC Group have a proven record in confidential document printing. We can set up, enable and manage a range of secure printing restrictions that are customised to your organisation and to your specific requirements.

With information a key corporate asset, it is imperative that organisations ensure the security of their sensitive data from unwanted hands.

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